Penny Gulliver - Director

Penny Gulliver the Director of the Self Protection Consultancy is the leading personal safety consultant in Australia.

Penny started teaching self defence in 1976. Her work as a sexual assault counsellor showed the urgent need for the development of safety skills to prevent attacks.

Penny is a government accredited coach and is a fifth dan black belt in Kung Fu. She has a Level 1 Referee qualification with the Australian National All Styles and has received a level 2 Referee/Judge qualification with the International Sports karate Association. She is a long standing member of the Federation of Australian Kung Fu (Wu-Shu) Organisations.

Over the last 25 years, Penny has gained vast experience in teaching a diverse range of people. Thousands of students comprising men, women, and children from government departments, the corporate sector, community organisations, schools and individuals have participated in programs conducted by Penny.

In the early eighties Penny received a huge media focus in Australia due to the pioneering work she undertook in the women's kickboxing arena.

In the early nineties Penny received a Prime Ministerial Award for establishing the Australian Women's Martial Arts Federation.

Penny Gulliver's Self Defence Handbook for Women was published in 1994 and is widely used and referred to as an authoritative text on the subject.

The International Film and Television Awards held in New York in 1990 bestowed a great honor on Penny with her video "Self Defence for Women", receiving a finalist award thus gaining Penny International recognition for her expertise.

In Australia Penny is considered to be a leader in self-protection issues and appears regularly in the electronic and print media. She has had regular appearances on Good Morning Australia and due to her expert knowledge has been featured on; The Midday Show, 6o Minutes, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and a variety of other news, current affairs and lifestyle programs.

The print media including The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, CLEO, Cosmopolitan, Dolly and New Idea, seek Penny's contribution towards articles dealing with issues relating to violence against women.

Penny has been able to utilise her skills and expertise on addressing violence against women to the development of pioneering workshops for men. Penny's unique perceptions of male to male violence have enabled her to develop a practical curriculum for men and this refreshing approach has seen many men begin to benefit from Penny's wealth of experience.